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Anti-static Bubble Wrap

You can be sure that this product retains its cushioning and protective integrity even under the most extreme circumstances. Total uncompromising protection from knocks, shock, vibration and stress from increased load pressure.

Bubble wrap is non-abrasive, dust free, lightweight and easy to handle. Available in many different widths and lengths to suit different applications.


Bubble Sizes


We stock bubble wrap with large (30mm Diameter) and small (10mm Diameter) bubble sizes. Bundles of bubble are supplied as one large width roll or as several rolls split into smaller widths. Single rolls are available, as is anti-static.


Large Bubble Bundles:


  • 1500mm x 50m (1Roll)
  • 750mm x 50m (2 Rolls)
  • 500 x 50m (3 Rolls)
  • 300 x 50m (5 Rolls)

Small Bubble Bundles:


  • 1500mm x 100m (1 Roll)
  • 1500mm x 100m Anti-Static (1 Roll)
  • 1200mm x 100m (1 Roll)
  • 750mm x 100m (2 Rolls)
  • 600mm x 100m (2 Rolls)
  • 500mm x 100m (3 Rolls)
  • 300mm x 100m (5 Rolls)


Bubble War Bundles, Splits