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Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Our company is certified at Level 2 of the Green Dragon Environmental standard. Our full Policy can be viewed below.


Click here to download it in Portable Document Format (PDF).



Based upon an environmental review undertaken by Groundwork Caerphilly.


Dayworth Packaging converts corrugated cardboard containing at least 70% recycled material into cases and assembles Forestry Stewardship Council stamped wooden pallets. We also retail packaging products and components including string, Polyethylene and shrink wrap, postal paper bags lined with bubble wrap, wood, tar infused paper, Silica Gel and plastic banding.


Our packaging is essential to ensuring customers’ products during transport are kept fully protected by lightweight, strong and secure covering. This results in reduced amounts of waste product and ensures continued business efficiency. Limiting the overall weight of goods transported combined with effective route planning reduces petrol consumption and associated vehicle emissions.

We recognise that our environmental impacts include conversion and use of timber-based raw materials, small amounts of solvent and water-based glues, energy use and production of small quantities of wastes.

To control our environmental impact we have implemented an Environmental Management System that complies with the Green Dragon Environmental Standard.


  • From concept and design stages, through manufacture to end-user all our products have minimal impact on the environment.

  • As a minimum we comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

  • Good communication resulting in all within the company being aware of our impacts and the measures necessary to control them.

  • Continual environmental improvement through achieving yearly environmental objectives. This year improvements include monitoring and minimising our consumption of electricity. This will reduce the amount of green house gases and other pollutants emitted by the power station when generating electricity. We will also ensure that our waste is minimised and materials are recycled to reduce burden on landfill, associated landfill greenhouse gases and leachate produced.

  • Pollution is prevented at source through engineered controls and workforce awareness.

  • We achieve our purchasing policy of stocking corrugated cases made using at least 70% recycled paper / board. Printing ink and binding glue are water based and all wood used is from sustainable forests. We supply protective materials to pack breakable goods and recommend our customers use Starch based biodegradable loose-fill.

David Elsworth - Director, Dayworth Packaging Ltd