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Contact us for a personalised quote for your export containers.

At our South Wales site we manufacture to your specification. If this includes corrugated cases for exporting or assembly of certified forestry commission kiln dried pallets, we will design and build according to your instructions, whilst complying with the legislation of the recipient Country.


export container

Picutre illustrates a custom made palletised container with easyopening front flap for ease of packing.


We suggest once the box is filled it is strapped on the pallet for extra stability.


Pallet Boxes are also available in the standard sizes listed below, for non-standard sizes minimum quantities may apply.


Pallet Box

Internal Size

Int. m3

1/1 Container

1070 x 870 x 900


1/2 Container

1070 x 870 x 550


1/1 Europa

1170 x 770 x 660


1/2 Europa

770 x 570 x 660


HC03 Expo

1090 x 800 x 785


ISO pallet

1180 x 830 x 880