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Dayworth Packaging can supply a variety adhesive systems, complete from all different types of glue including PVA and glue pens. We stock hot melt ahdesive, in slug and stick form for a variety of uses. Below are just some of the applications, please contact us to arrange a demo of a gluegun or to further discuss your adhesive needs.


Low Melt Adhesive

Light adhesive that melts at a low temperature. Ideal for small application sensitive handling and glue guns. Usually used in schools, and PC Assembly.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Strong adhesive that melts at approximatley 192 degrees celcius, ideal for securing wood ceramics, light gauge metals, cartons, paper and board.

PVA Glue

Used for just about anything, long setting and requires no heat or dispenser although PVA Dispenser pens and other dispensers are available.


Glue Applicators



A high output, robust applicator with automatic stand by. The high efficiency heater housing coupled with optional plug in temperature modules guarantees adhesive at the right temperature. Dispenses up to 3.5kg of 43mm hot melt adhesive per hour. Low melt module available.

Glue Gun, Slug Glue


Lightweight Glue Gun, Stick Glue


Light in weight and easy to use industrial gun. Dispenses up to 1.6kg 12mm hot melt adhesive per hour. Due to the unique design, this gun can be left on for hours with no glue melt back. It can be rested both upright and on its side. It has an 'On' warning light and a silicon rubber nozzle and body shroud for extra protection.



This gas operated glue gun is a light weight cordless glue gun that runs on butane gas and is quickly refilled from standard cigarette lighter refills. Designed for use with 12mm hot melt glue sticks. A great portable solution.

Gas Powered Glue Gun, Stick Glue