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We stock Polybags, Gripseal Bags, Carrier Bags, Refuse Sacks, Bubble Bags & Mailer/Jiffy Bags as standard!


Please note: We have created a seperate page for our Mailer/Jiffy Bag range, please click here to view.


Polybags & Gripseal Bags


We stock a variety of sizes and gauges but we can also supply sizes to order, if you need a specific size please fill in our online quote form for a quote.

Gripseal, Poly Bags


Carrier Bags, Carriers

Carrier Bags


We stock 15x18" white with a patch handle. Carriers are available in different colours. Please use the quote request form for a costing.


Bubble Bags


Sheets of bubble heat sealed into a bag with a self adhesive seal. Similar to a Jiffy Bag, without the paper coating. Stocked in sizes of:


  • 100x135mm
  • 130x185mm
  • 180x235mm
  • 480x585mm
Bubble Bag