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Moisture absorbing gel packs are used to pack items that require a dry transit or that will be stored in a damp area for a prolonged length of time. Silica Gel absorbs mosture in the air in a given area and time frame (IE: Inside a box) so that the product is protected.


Silia Gel, Silica Sachet

The amount of Gel you will need depends on how long the storage time is estimated to be, the volume of the container, and its destination. The destination is important for shipping abroad as moisture levels in different countries climates vary.


As a guide Silica Gel comes in:


  • Paper Sachets of 0.5g-10g
  • Tyvec bags of 0.5g-500g
  • Non-Woven fabric bags (Heat Sealed)of 25g-500g
  • Non-Woven fabric bags (Stitched) of 250g-1kg
  • Cotton Bags (Stitched) of 250g-2.5kg


Self indicating gel is available to alert the user when its moisture absorbing capacity is reached. The Gel changes coulor as a warning as shown on the right.

Self-Indicating Silica Gel, Orange Silica


Various grades and bead and sachet sizes of gel are readily available. To find out your estimated requirements please contact us and we would be happy to calculate it for you.