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Looking for shrinkfilm not stretchfilm?


Machine mounted and hand stretchwrap is stocked as standard. Dayworth Packaging are able to supply:


  • Machine Stretchwrap for all stretchwraping systems
  • Blown & Cast Films
  • Mini Hand Rolls & Dispensers
  • Various Sizes and Microns


Polythene Topsheets are available for extra protection of stretchwrapped pallets.

Stretchwrap, Stretch Dispenser



Blown or Cast Film?


Cast Film:
Cast film is of a good clarity and is relativley quiet coming off the reel. The quality of this film ensures a smooth surface enabling the film to cling to itself without additives. A good memory ensures a pallet stays tightly wrapped in transit and a high clarity for accurate reading of pallet labels and barcodes in the warehouse.


Blown Film:
Slightly milky appearence, ideal for use in cold stores. Additaves are used to produce a tack on both sides this can make the film noisy as the reel is unwound. A more economical alternative to Cast Film.


If you are unsure what kind of stretchwrap you require, it is most likley to be cast. We can give you impartial advice on methods of palletising and stretchwrap - for more information, please contact us.