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  • Clear Packaging Tape

  • Buff Packaging Tape (Low and High Tack)

  • PVC Vinyl Tape - Of Various Colours

  • Low-Noise PVC Buff Packaging Tape

  • Masking Tape

  • Packing Machine Tape (Extra length on roll for machine use, Clear)

  • Printed 'Fragile' Tape

  • Heavy Duty Cloth Tape

Vinyl, Masking, Coloured Tape


Printed Tapes


Printed tapes are made from vinyl and polypropolene materials and can be printed in a variety of colours, styles and widths. Your artwork designs can be printed onto clear or coloured backgrounds and artwork can be up to three colours with shading. Below are some examples of printed tapes. Costing and minimum order levels are subject to the type of tape and nature of the colours but these are usually nominal. For more information please contact us .


Fragile Tape, Logo Tape




We can accept artwork in any format, if you are unsure if your format will be compatible please check with us prior to sending.


If you don't already have a design on computer we can convert a letter head or rough sketch into artwork suitable for tape, labels and other materials.