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Recycled Loosefill

We are resellers of biodegradable loosefill

Protective products to cushion and prevent damage to irregular or fragile items. Including: Air cushions, Filla Paper, Polystyrene & Biodegradable Loosefill and Cardfill.


Polystyrene Loose Fill:


15 Cubic Foot bags of figure of eight chips. No preparation required, pour around your item straight from the bag and thats it!


Biodegradable Loose Fill:


15 Cubic Foot bag of starch based chips. Works exactly the same as polystyrene loosefill, except it degrades when in contact with moisture. A much more environmentally friendly solution to polystyrene.


Filla Paper:


Brown paper that stays crushed when packed around product in boxes. A robust and cost effective alternative to loosefill. Usually supplied on a 600mm wide 450m long roll.


See also Air Cushions as a space saving, professional looking alternative to conventional void fill.

Pillopax Air Cushioning System


Bubble wrap may also be used as void fill!

Get FRAGILE & THIS WAY UP tape and labels for delicate items.